About me

Gabriel Gonzalez is an honors student beginning his senior year at Walt Whitman High School where he is interested in writing.  Since the beginning of his junior year, he has been the editor in chief of Walt Whitman’s school newspaper. The newspaper consists of approximately 10 members and he personally edits 5-10 articles per issue. The newspaper staff members meet every two weeks to pitch and discuss ideas, as well as work on our writing skills.

Gabriel also was an article writer for Business Know-How before it was recently acquired by Zenbusiness. Writing articles for Business Know-How required interviewing business owners such Arbod Shoraka, the co-founder and CEO of BloomNation, and researching marketing and financial details for articles he wrote. His articles can be found below.

Gabriel also loves to write fictional stories and develop original characters in his free time. He intends to major in creative writing in college and to use these skills to provide entertainment and compelling stories for readers to be inspired by.